Collaboration Center

Supporting all who carry Source’s light and are here to bring in this next ascension cycle.

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

As we play together, collaborate together, share together, and command together we will all bring more light into each other, and the communities we engage in.   We are here to help bridge the shoulder’s of the ascension cycle and guide humanity towards living from their hearts.

How does Column17 support it’s community?

All activities are currently facilitated through Telegram, except for “Sessions w/MaShon” which can be booked via this website. The Telegram link can be found at the top of the page.

Live Collaboration Calls

Education around “All Things Q” & Open community Q&A

Break Out Groups

Helping collaborators get to know each other.

Sessions w/MaShon

1:1 support for when it’s needed.

Project Review w/Q Support

Calls, Q&A’s, and process support

Answering Community Questions

Helping the community understand Q’s teachings.

Providing Support, Encouragement, and Motivation 

Helping collaborators find and keep a new life within their heart centers

Sessions with MaShon

Are you working on going within but feel stuck?

Need some individualized support?

Future Communications