Meet with Saskia

For many years I have been accompanying people on their path of healing and supporting them in their healing process with the help of my healing energies.

In 2020 this was enhanced by Q teaching me how to remove implants from people.


Healing Support & Implant Removal

My healing abilities are strongly activated in me and increasingly inspire me to offer my abilities to even more people.

I recognize blockages, implants, weak points, disturbances in the auric field and in the chakras, possessions, etc. in the body and help to release them.  I work successfully via video chat or with the help of a photo of the person to be healed.

Each of us has healing powers and is always able to heal ourselves. Sometimes, however, it is helpful to receive support in this, and I offer my help for that.


Book Time with Saskia

I am offering a 30 minute meeting which will give us plenty of time to work on any imbalances and  implants in your body, integrate more of your spirit into your body, and ask questions. If you have additional family members / children you would like me to work on, and feel you would need more time, simply book a second 30 minute meeting.

30 Minute Meeting: $50

Meetings will be video chat and held via Google Meet.  Once you book, you will receive an email with a Google Meet link to join at your scheduled time.  If you will be calling in via phone, please download the app.

Payments are via PayPal when you schedule a meeting.